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Trophée du prix HugoCatégorie Roman (Novel) (40000 mots ou plus) :

2014 Ann LECKIE Ancillary Justice
2013 John SCALZI Redshirts - Au mépris du danger (Redshirts)
2012 Jo WALTON Morwenna (Among others)
2011 Connie WILLIS Black-out / All Clear (Blackout/All Clear)
2010 Paolo BACIGALUPI La fille automate (The windup Girl)
ex aequo China MIEVILLE The city and the city (The city and the city)
2009 Neil GAIMAN L'étrange vie de Nobody Owens (The graveyard book)
2008 Michael CHABON Le Club des policiers Yiddish (The Yiddish Policemen's Union)
2007 Vernor VINGE Rainbows End
2006 Robert Charles WILSON Spin (Spin) 
2005 Susanna CLARKE Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
2004 Lois McMASTER BUJOLD Le paladin des âmes (Paladin of Souls)
2003 Robert J. SAWYER Hominids
2002 Neil GAIMAN American Gods
2001 J.K. ROWLING Harry Potter et la coupe de feu (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
2000 Vernor VINGE Aux tréfonds du ciel (A Deepness in the Sky)
1999 Connie WILLIS Sans parler du chien (To Say Nothing of the Dog)
1998Joe HALDEMAN La paix éternelle (Forever Peace)
1997 Kim Stanley ROBINSON Mars la bleue (Blue Mars)
1996 Neal STEPHENSON L'âge de diamant (The Diamond Age)
1995 Loïs McMASTER BUJOLD La danse du miroir (Mirror Dance)
1994 Kim Stanley ROBINSON Mars la verte (Green Mars)
1993 Vernor VINGE Un feu sur l'abîme (A Fire Upon the Deep)
1993 Connie WILLIS Le grand livre (Doomsday Book)
1992 Loïs McMASTER BUJOLD Barrayar
1991 Loïs McMASTER BUJOLD Miles Vorkosigan (The Vor Game)
1990 Dan SIMMONS Hypérion
1989 Carolyn J. CHERRYH Cyteen
1988 David BRIN Elévation (The Uplift War)
1987 Orson Scott CARD La voix des morts (Speaker for the Dead)
1986 Orson Scott CARD La stratégie Ender (Ender's Game)
1985 William GIBSON Neuromancien (Neuromancer)
1984 David BRIN Marée stellaire (Startide Rising)
1983 Isaac ASIMOV Fondation foudroyée (Foundation's Edge)
1982 Carolyn J. CHERRYH Forteresse des étoiles (Downbelow Station)
1981 Joan D. VINGE La reine des neiges (The Snow Queen)
1980 Arthur C. CLARKE Les fontaines du paradis (The Fountains of Paradise)
1979 Vonda McINTYRE Le serpent du rêve (Dreamsnake)
1978 Frederik POHL La grande porte (Gateway)
1977 Kate WILHELM Hier les oiseaux (Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang)
1976 Joe HALDEMAN La guerre éternelle (The Forever War)
1975 Ursula LE GUIN Les dépossédés (The Dispossessed)
1974 Arthur C. CLARKE Rendez-vous avec Rama (Rendezvous with Rama)
1973 Isaac ASIMOV Les dieux eux-mêmes (The Gods Themselves)
1972 Philip José FARMER Le monde du Fleuve (To Your Scattered Bodies Go)
1971 Larry NIVEN L'anneau monde (Ringworld)
1970 Ursula LE GUIN La main gauche de la nuit (The Left Hand of Darkness)
1969 John BRUNNER Tous à Zanzibar (Stand on Zanzibar)
1968 Roger ZELAZNY Le seigneur de lumière (Lord of Light)
1967 Robert A. HEINLEIN Révolte sur la Lune (The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)
1966 Roger ZELAZNY Toi l'immortel (... And Call Me Conrad)
1966 Frank HERBERT Dune
1966 Prix spécial : Isaac ASIMOV cycle Fondation
1965 Fritz LEIBER Le vagabond (The Wanderer)
1964 Clifford D. SIMAK Au carrefour des étoiles (Way Station)
1963 Philip K. DICK Le Maître du haut château (The Man in the High Castle)
1962 Robert A. HEINLEIN En terre étrangère (Stranger in a Strange Land)
1961 Walter M. MILLER Un cantique pour Leibowitz (A Canticle for Leibowitz)
1960 Robert A. HEINLEIN Etoiles garde à vous (Starship Troopers)
1959 James BLISH Un cas de conscience (A Case of Conscience)
1958 Fritz LEIBER Le grand jeu du temps
1957 non décerné
1956 Robert A. HEINLEIN Double étoile (Double Star)
1955 Mark CLIFTON et Frank RILEY They'd Rather Be Right
1954 non décerné
1953 Alfred BESTER L'homme démoli (The Demolished Man)
1951 (décerné en 2001) Robert A. HEINLEIN Farmer in the Sky
1946 (décerné en 1996) Isaac ASIMOV The Mule

Catégorie Roman Moyen (Novella) (entre 17500 et 40000 mots) :

2014 Charles STROSS Equoid
2013 Brandon SANDERSON L'Âme de l'empereur (The Emperor’s Soul)
2012 Kij JOHNSON The Man Who Bridged the Mist
2011 Ted CHIANG The Lifecycle of Software Objects
2010 Charles STROSS Palimpseste (Palimpsest)
2009 Nancy KRESS The Erdmann Nexus
2008 Connie WILLIS All Seated on the Ground
2007 Robert REED A Billion Eves
2006 Connie WILLIS Inside Job
2005 Charles STROSS The Concrete Jungle
2004 Vernor VINGE The Cookie Monster
2003 Neil GAIMAN Coraline
2002 Vernor VINGE Fast Times at Fairmont High
2001 Jack WILLIAMSON The Ultimate Earth
2000 Connie WILLIS The Winds of Marble Arch
1999 Greg EGAN Oceanic
1998 Allen STEELE ...Where Angels Fear To Tread
1997 George R.R. MARTIN Blood of The Dragon
1996 Allen STEELE The Death of Captain Future
1995 Mike RESNICK Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge
1994 Harry TURTLEDOVE Down in the Bottomlands
1993 Lucius SHEPARD Barnacle Bill the Spacer
1992 Nancy KRESS Beggars in Spain
1991 Joe HALDEMAN The Hemingway Hoax
1990 Lois McMASTER BUJOLD The Mountains of Mourning
1989 Connie WILLIS The Last of the Winnebagos
1988 Orson Scott CARD Eye for Eye
1987 Robert SILVERBERG Gilgamesh in the Outback
1986 Roger ZELAZNY Twenty-four Views of Mount Fuji, by Hokusai
1985 John VARLEY Press Enter []
1984 Timothy ZAHN Cascade Point
1983 Joanna RUSS Souls
1982 Poul ANDERSON The Saturn Game
1981 Gordon R. DICKSON Lost Dorsai
1980 Barry B. LONGYEAR Enemy Mine
1979 John VARLEY The Persistence of Vision
1978 Spider and Jeanne ROBINSON Stardance
1977 Spider ROBINSON By Any Other Name 
1977 James TIPTREE Jr. Houston, Houston, Do You Read ?
1976 Roger ZELAZNY Home Is the Hangman
1975 George R.R. MARTIN Une chanson pour Lya (A Song for Lya)
1974 James TIPTREE Jr The Girl Who Was Plugged In .
1973 Ursula K. LE GUIN Le nom du monde est Forêt (The Word for World Is Forest)
1972 Poul ANDERSON The Queen of Air and Darkness
1971 Fritz LEIBER I'll Met in Lankhmar
1970 Fritz LEIBER Ship of Shadows
1969 Robert SILVERBERG Nightwings
1968 Philip José FARMER Riders of the Purple Wage
1968 Anne McCAFFREY Weyr Search
1951 Robert A. HEINLEIN L'homme qui vendit la lune (The Man Who Sold the Moon)
1946 George ORWELL La ferme des animaux (The animal farm)

Catégorie Roman Court (Novelette) (Short Fiction) (entre 7500 et 17500 mots) :

2014 Mary ROBINETTE KOWAL The Lady Astronaut of Mars
2013 Pat CADIGAN The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi
2012 Charlie Jane ANDERS Six Months, Three Days
2011 Allen M. STEELE The Emperor of Mars
2010 Peter WATTS L'île (The Island)
2009 Elizabeth BEAR Shoggoths in Bloom
2008 Ted CHIANG Le marchand et la porte de l'alchimiste (The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate) (Dans Fiction n°7)
2007 Ian McDONALD The Djinn's Wife
2006 Two Hearts Peter S. BEAGLE
2005 Kelly LINK The Faery Handbag
2004 Michael SWANWICK Legions in Time
2003 Michael SWANWICK Slow Life
2002 Ted CHIANG Hell is the Absence of God
2001 Kristine Kathryn RUSCH Millenium Babies
2000 James Patrick KELLY 10 16 to 1
1999 Bruce STERLING Taklamakan
1998 Bill JOHNSON We Will Drink A Fish Together
1997 Bruce STERLING Bicycle Repairman
1996 Patrick KELLY Think Like a Dinosaur James
1995 David GERROLD The Martian Child
1994 Charles SHEFFIELD Georgia on My Mind
1993 Janet KAGAN The Nutcracker Coup
1992 Isaac ASIMOV Gold
1991 Mike RESNICK The Manamouki
1990 Robert SILVERBERG Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another
1989 George Alec EFFINGER Schrödinger's Kitten
1988 Ursula K. LE GUIN Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight
1987 Roger ZELAZNY Permafrost
1986 Harlan ELLISON Paladin of the Lost Hour
1985 Octavia BUTLER Bloodchild
1984 Greg BEAR La musique du sang (Blood Music)
1983 Connie WILLIS Fire Watch
1982 Roger ZELAZNY Unicorn Variation
1981 Gordon R. DICKSON The Cloak and the Staff
1980 George R. R. MARTIN Sandkings
1979 Poul ANDERSON Hunter's Moon
1978 Joan D. VINGE Les yeux d'Ambre (Eyes of Amber)
1977 Isaac ASIMOV L'homme bicentennaire (The Bicentennial Man)
1976 Larry NIVEN The Borderland of Sol
1975 Harlan ELLISON Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans
1974 Harlan ELLISON The Deathbird
1973 Poul ANDERSON Goat Song
1969 Poul ANDERSON The Sharing of Flesh
1968 Fritz LEIBER Gonna Roll Them Bones
1967 Jack VANCE The Last Castle
1966 Harlan ELLISON 'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman
1964 Poul ANDERSON No Truce with Kings
1963 Jack VANCE The Dragon Masters
1962 Brian W. ALDISS Le monde vert (Hothouse)
1961 Poul ANDERSON The Longest Voyage
1960 Daniel KEYES Des fleurs pour Algernon (Flowers for Algernon)
1959 Clifford D. SIMAK The Big Front Yard
1956 Murray LEINSTER Exploration Team
1955 Walter M. MILLER Jr. The Darfsteller
1951 C. M. KORNBLUTH The Little Black Bag
1946 Murray LEINSTER First Contact 

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